Developeur Unity3D XR

Software Developer


À propos du candidat

  • Date de naissance: 20/04/2024
  • Adresse: Oran, Algeria
  • Numéro de téléphone: +21354925560

Informations générales

  • Categorie: ***********
  • Lieu: Tout PACA
  • Language: ***********
  • Années d'experience: ***********
  • Type d'emploi: Software Developer
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Expérience professionnelle

Jan 2020 - Dec 2022
Israa Media SASUnity 3d Developer
Created an augmented reality educational android app for middlern
school students using Unity3D and Vuforia AR.

 I have used Vuforia augmented reality engine and unity3d for AR image target tracking.rn

Technologies i used :rnUnity3D, C#, Firebase, Google cloud, Google analytics, Vuforia AR,rnHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

My mission was to conceptualized a new user interface from users feedbacks who were using the firstrnversion of the app to help deliver a better user experience(ux) and user interface(ui).rnBuilding a simplified user interface with possibilities to play sound effects and voice over for eachrnscience scene to better explain and to simplify the mechanism of action of natural phenomena.

 Importing updated 3d models and integrating new shaders. 

 I was Awarded for the best Unity Developer when working with Israa Media for showcasing my problemrnsolving and researching skills .